You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.


You will find that daily happiness journaling will instantly help you shift your focus to the positive instead of negative thought loops. No matter how intense your day was, you will sleep a bit better having shown some mindfulness and gratitude. Leading to a happier more positive you.

Not only will the ‘my daily happiness journal’ keep you on track with all of your appointments, things to-do and important tasks. It is also a handy way to introduce yourself to a bit of mindful and gratitude journaling. This helps you to recognise your achievements and take notice of all the good things, even the little things that happen in your day.

If you are not quite ready to start journalling every day for a full year then this is 60 day planner is a great place to start. The planner is undated to allow you to pick up where you last left off.

Each double page spread of our 125 page our ‘my daily happiness journal’ has the following sections (dates left blank for you to fill in):

  • Daily schedule/appointments/plans
  • Must do, should do, could do, do for joy task lists
  • Daily affirmations
  • Daily wellness check list
  • Water checker
  • Sleep monitor
  • Daily steps checker
  • What I’m grateful for…
  • Positive things that have happened today section
  • & space for your notes